If you’re like me, and trying to get more traffic to your blog, then medium.com is a good place to start.

What is Medium?

Unlike WordPress, Medium is a hosted platform for writing. But, it’s also different from most hosted platforms such as Blogger, and WordPress.com. While it is possible to have your own page through a publication, it’s more geared towards just a huge database of content. Readers read what they want, writers write what they want, and the Medium platform handles all the work of connecting readers with the authors they want.

Why not just use a normal blog?

Medium is often used to accompany a blog, although many people have found success by using it instead of a blog. Medium has an amazing importer tool that makes it easy to import your best posts. All you need is to make a free account, and you can start writing. If you use the importer, Medium will automatically add a link at the bottom with the original source, and add the proper html tags to tell search engines where the original content is from, so your SEO is not hurt at all. Plus, if readers really like one of your posts, they might click the link to your site, and subscribe to your blog :)

Why not use just Medium?

If you’re planning on starting a blog, then I recommend you check out Medium to see if it can work for you. The main problem is that they no longer offer custom domains, so you’re stuck with medium.com/publication name, which looks a bit less professional than yourdomain.com. But, if you were going to use Blogger or something like that anyways, that’s not a big problem. But, there’s no harm in having a blog and a Medium publication,as long as you remember to use the importer, and not just copy and paste your posts, which will hurt your SEO because of duplicate content.

If you’re interested, you can see an example of a Medium publication by checking out mine on medium.com/nerdoflinux.

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