Vultr is one of the best VPS hosting solutions out there, and here’s what I like about them, and why I use them.


Vultr is the only VPS provider that let’s you pay month to month for VPS’s as cheap as they offer. Their lowest tier, what this site runs off, is just $2.50 a month, or just $30 a year!! It offers 20GB of SSD storage space, 512MB of RAM, and 500GB of transfer. Digital Ocean is also great, and I’ve used them before, but their cheapest tier is $5, and also offers the same specs, the only difference being twice the bandwidth. Instead of Digital Ocean’s $5 tier, get Vultr’s, which offers 1GB of RAM, with 25GB of SSD storage.

They also offer other, cheap, really useful features. You can get automated backups for just a couple dollars. The best part is their overages. I know that sound weird, but overages are just 1 cent per GB you go over, in their North America datacenters anyways. Only $10 per TB!! You probably won’t reach that, as they notify you before you hit your limit, and you can choose to just disable internet access once you hit your limit. They also offer 10Gbps DDoS protection for $10 a month.


Although Vultr uses a ticket system instead of a live chat or phone system, they’re still fast to respond. I’ve never had a problem that they didn’t fix, and they always put time into it, which is nice even if they don’t manage to solve one of your problems.

Vultr Docs

Vultr has quite a few help articles and tutorials on their site. They have system administration, how to install WordPress, how to install NGINX, MySQL guides, and more, which you can access for free. On top of that ,they currently offer money if you write tutorials, and their payouts go up to $300!!


If you want their pricing, but you’re too scared to do things yourself, don’t worry!! They have pre-built apps that are ready to go with the press of a button. During the installation process, simply click the apps button instead of choosing and Operating System, any you’ll be set! They have apps for everything from Minecraft server to WordPress.

Did I mention that they’re faster than even AWS?

I want to sign up, now!!

If you understand just how amazing Vultr is compared to your current provider, please click the banner below to sign up:

It’s an affiliate link, so it won’t cost you anything extra, and you’re supporting this blog by simply using the cheapest VPS provider. You’re saving money, and supporting this blog at the same time!!

Update: I now use and recommend DigitalOcean.