If you’re like me and have your chromebook in developer mode, you’re probably wondering how to use it as a WiFi repeater :) .

Install crew

First, the simplest part, install crew. This is an amazing tool that will install gcc and make to allow you to build virtually anything. It even has a ton of programs pre-compiled such as clamav and nano. Anyways, installation is easy, just run:

curl -Ls git.io/vddgY | bash

and follow the instructions.

Install hostapd

This part took me a while to do, but here are the steps. Go into /usr/local/bin because you have execute permissions there:

cd /usr/local/bin

Clone the first git repo, and build:

git clone https://github.com/thom311/libnl.git
cd libnl
bash autogen.sh
bash configure
sudo make install

Actually build hostapd:

cd ..
git clone http://w1.fi/hostap.git
cd hostap/hostapd
cp defconfig .config
make install

Install dnsmasq

Go to /usr/local/bin

cd /usr/local/bin

Clone the repo

git clone https://github.com/imp/dnsmasq.git

Build and install

cd dnsmasq
sudo make install

Get create_ap

Go to your home folder

cd ~/

Clone the repo

git clone https://github.com/oblique/create_ap.git


cd create_ap
sudo stop shill
sudo start shill ignore=ap0
sudo bash create_ap wlan0 wlan0 SSID Password


If there is an issue with create_ap, make sure you ran:

sudo stop shill
sudo start shill ignore=ap0

and that you have the right interface. You can list all of your interfaces with:


Or, if you get a driver error, your WiFi card may just not support virtual adapters, in which case you’ll need to install another Linux distro and plug in another WiFi card(i.e. USB WiFi adapter)

Please leave any problems you have in the comments and I will try to help.

Sources(a.k.a. where the code snippets are from :) ) Crew Wiki Hostapd GitHub DNSmasq GitHub