I know I switch things every other day, but I need a post for today, so here it is.


This is the main reason for using CloudFlare for many people, including me. The problem was, I used to point the MX record to my VPS IP, which would expose it to potential attackers, so I left CloudFlare because it was too easy to bypass. Now, I configured a separate VPS for email, so I’m safe from DDoS attacks, as there is no way to find my site’s IP address, unless you hack CloudFlare.


This was one of my reasons for leaving, but CloudFlare seems to have improved since then. My website appears to load faster, and minification doesn’t break any part of my site. Also, if my server goes down, at least a somewhat recent version of the home page can be displayed, instead of just an error. Also, since it’s a CDN, static files such as images are cached throughout their datacenters, so less requests hit my server, which means better performance is achieved, as their servers are way more powerful than mine.


CloudFlare analytics are a decent source for checking unique viewers, and some other basic stats, like which countries visit your site the most. While not as in-depth as Google Analytics, it makes it easy to see how many visitors I got in one day. Not to mention the fact that it shows you all of the crawlers that visit your site, which showed me how much Bing sucks. Even Yandex, a search engine you probably never heard of, indexes my site more than Bing!


CloudFlare also has some firewall rules to protect WordPress websites, which means hacking me is that much harder. Also, they’ll hide email addresses from bots to I’ll get less spam. BTW, I actually like getting spam, because it helps me teach my spam filter :)

Anyways, leave your favorite CDN in the comments!