Today I will teach you how to keep your shiny new(or dull old) computer safe in the modern world.


Do NOT use Windows. Windows is by far the weakest point in your computer. Get a Mac, or Linux, or a chromebook, or even Android, but don’t use Windows. Most problems I have with computers are because of Windows. You don’t need Windows now, most of what you do is in a browser, so just get a ChromeBook, which will save you time and money.


I’m not currently sponsored by any anti-virus company, so read to the end. MalwareBytes catches tons of potentially unwanted programs, and viruses that no other program catches. After running this on old computers that were not exactly virus-free :), the computer was way faster, as all the viruses and other crap were removed(good thing it didn’t detect Windows itself). Anyways, MalwareBytes does want you to pay, and if you can, ignore the rest of this post and pay. If you can’t, read on to find out what to do(and ignore all the advertisements you get for the pro version).


MalwareBytes only offers realtime protection for paid members. Avast offers this for free, so I use a combination of Avast and MalwareBytes on all computers I need to have Windows on(most of which are not mine, the rest, aside from one, are virtual machines). Avast offers realtime protection, and I run MalwareBytes every now and then to do a “deep cleaning” of Windows.

Don’t do anything stupid

If you get a popup that you need to install this or your computer will be deleted, don’t fall for it! Open up trusty MalwareBytes and run a scan if you’re scared, or know that Avast will protect you! Avast already saved me a few times with a popup saying a virus was found, and the virus window closed. Anyways, be safe online and you’ll be fine.

One note about Avast: during the install, be sure to choose custom install and uncheck everything aside from file and behavioral shield. Also, after it’s installed, scroll to the bottom of general settings and disable the two options, if you care, if you don’t, benefit the community by sending suspicious things to Avast :)