I recently re-added the redirect to make everything HTTPS, and this post is why.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is now a thing of the past, so encryption is needed now more than ever. Nothing is stopping ISPs from blocking or throttling HTTPS connections, but at least they can’t see what you’re doing. I suggest that all websites do what I did, and use a Let’s Encrypt certificate on their website to prevent ISPs from seeing what content people are looking at. Also, HTTPS ensures that the ISPs are not modifying any of the data, which they might do to, for example, block all images unless you pay for their “enhanced speed” package, or something like that.


As I already stated, privacy is needed now more than ever. I also recommend you get your own VPS to run a VPN server on to protest ISPs. I don’t think corporate ISPs will change anything, as they charge companies significantly more than they charge residents, so they want that money. Even with a VPN, it’s still essential to use HTTPS to prevent all ISPS from seeing what you’re doing. Even Vultr, my current VPS provider, can’t see the traffic coming and going to my site because it’s end to end encrypted.


Google gives an SEO boost to HTTPS sites, so I hope I get a better ranking now!

We need to protest

Come on people, protest to your ISP by encrypting 100% of outgoing traffic! Or, at least use a plugin like HTTPS everywhere to ensure your sessions are end to end encrypted, and that nobody is messing with your website content. If you are a site owner, protest by supporting HTTPS, and redirecting to it, if you’re a website user, be sure to access that site over HTTPS.

Let me know what you’re going to do in protest!!