The people in our government are trying to take away net neutrality away.

The thing is, without net neutrality, the amount you pay your internet service provider will just continually rise. That doesn’t make sense now, but it will by the end of this post. Net neutrality is what forces ISP’s to give you internet access to whatever it is you want, without one website being given a higher priority than another. Without that, they’ll only allow their services on base plans, and throttle or simply block every other website. That means that they can jack up the price as much as they want, because if you want to use Netflix instead of their cable service, you have to pay more.

You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to give ISP’s the power to do whatever they want with the internet access you pay for? The companies themselves. They want money, and killing net neutrality will allow them to that easier. Not all companies want this though, T-Mobile stated that they believe in a free internet, and most steaming services are against this, as they would lose money as people would start using their ISP’s bundled garbage instead to save money. So, it’s not only affecting consumers, but killing net neutrality will also affect companies like Netflix.

Zero rating is not a violation of net neutrality!! Many people say it is, and it technically is a violation, but zero rating will only benefit consumers. If you use the service that is zero rated, you benefit, if you use a different service, it still goes through at the same speed, but counts against your data cap.

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