So, you have a website that used to make tons of money, but now, all your visitors use adblock. What do you do now?


There are many tools out there that allow you to use your visitor’s CPU power to mine various cryptocurrencies. I DO NOT recommend you mine in the background, as your users will get pretty upset once they learn you’ve been making money off their computer without letting them know. That’s why I recommend you use purely opt-in mining solutions, like what this site does. If you go to the about page, there’s a little javascript miner you can use to mine Monero which will help support this site. You can use a miner like that on the sidebar, and then visitors will be more likely to see it and want to help out.

This is less common in blogging than YouTube channels, but is still a thing. If you have a big enough audience, you can get companies to pay you to review their products. While this is an easy method, it does get annoying for your visitors pretty quickly. Also, can you honestly analyze a product properly once you’ve been payed to do so? Some people can, but most will be biased towards that company that just payed them :) . So, if you do decide to go this route, be sure to actually look through all the pros and cons, and not just say “product X is amazing” because you got payed to write that.

Many big companies have affiliate programs that give you a link that you can put on your site. Whenever a visitor goes to the site through your link, and creates an account and/or purchases something, you get money, which is usually in the form of account credit. However, account credit is not as useless as you think, especially if you regularly use the service anyways. For example, I have an affiliate link with Vultr, which can be found on the about page. Whenever anyone signs up using that link, and spends a certain amount of money, I get $10 of account credit. That credit is then used to run this site.

Which one?

There’s no reason to not do a little of each, but be sure to remember the purpose of your site. You most likely made a site to inform people, not to make money. Sure, making money is nice, but that’s not the main motive. So, be sure to remember that, and not have 10 shout outs and 15 affiliate links with a background Monero miner on each post.