If you’re starting a website, you’re probably wondering if you need a CMS, or if you should just create the site yourself. Well, this short post is here to help you decide.


A CMS, or Content Management System is intended to make managing content easier(what a surprise). So, using a CMS makes sense when your website will have a ton of changing content, such as a blog. It makes very little sense to hand-code each page for a blog, as you’ll easily reach hundred, or thousands of HTML pages. What happens when you want to change the design? That’s a hundred pages you need to modify. So, you’ll make it dynamic and use PHP, create header.php, footer.php, etc. which will add even mor files. Then, there’s the problem of comments, etc.


However, if you’re making a site for a product, that will be updated every now and then, having a full CMS doesn’t make as much sense. If you just have a product page, a link to purchase your product, and an about page, then hand-coding that site won’t be difficult to update. Basically, if you just have a handful of pages, then hand-coding gives you full control over the site, which might be helpful. But then, using existing themes and templates won’t be as easy to update as using a CMS, where you just press an install button.

Which CMS?

If you decided that you want to use a CMS based off my ten sentences :) , then you’ll have to choose between the many CMS’s out there. I prefer WordPress, but you can also use Jekyll, Drupal, Joomla, or one of the not-self-hosted ones just as Blogger and Medium. I think the closest to a one-size-fits-all option will be to use a self-hosted version of WordPress. This gives you near full control of everything, while giving you tools to manage thousands of posts at ease.

What you do with your site is up to you, but for most people, I’ll just say stick to a self-hosted version of WordPress.