Yes, I just wrote a post about why I switched to 1Password, but their Mac pricing was ridiculous.

All Online

This sounds like a bad thing; you want your passwords to only be accessible by you. Well, LastPass makes sure that they are. Your vault is encrypted when on their server, with your master passwords, which is never transmitted over the internet. The hashed version is sent over the internet, so reversing the process is likely impossible, as it is hashed over a thousand times. Being all online means you don’t need to install an app to get access to your passwords, they have a web GUI, and an extension, and an app, if you want. They have apps for iOS and Android as well. Being online also means they take care of all backups.


Unlike every other password manager, their free version actually does what you’d expect from a password manager. Sure, if you’re willing to pay, their premium version offers time-saving, amazing features, but the free version gets it done. It used to be different, but about a year back, LastPass decided to care about consumers more than money, and add cross-device syncing for free! There’s a saying out there:

You pay for the product, or you are the product

more or less, the wording is probably wrong :) But, they have a freemium pricing model, they have amazing paid-only features, which is how they make money. Also, LastPass is made my LogMeIn, a company that has a ton of other products, so they’re making enough profit even if you don’t pay for LastPass. Besides, even if they wanted to read your data to sell, they couldn’t.


If you need a good, free password manager, LastPass is your best bet. The essentials, and a bit more, are free, and if you want to save as much time as possible, their pro version is hard to beat.