While WordPress is simple for techies to use, that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. Here are some WordPress resources that help both the new-to-WordPress and the experienced WordPress blogger

This post will be divided into two sections: blogs and manuals. Without further ado, let the listing begin!


Yes, there are blogs about WordPress, and you can learn a lot from them. Here are a few to get you started:


This is one of my favorite WordPress resources, both for learning about WordPress itself, and how to make a good website in general. They’ve been around for a while, and have over 200 pages to just list the posts. Doing some math(10 posts per page x 200), and I got to the conclusion that they have over 2000 posts, with new ones coming out multiple times a week. I highly suggest you subscribe to their newsletter to know when a new post comes out. Not only do they have a large quantity of posts, but each post is of high quality. You can see that the writers know what they’re writing about, and the tutorials even have images to help you. On top of that, many of their tutorials also have a YouTube video, in case you’re the video type of person.

If you’re new to WordPress, you’ll appreciate the abundance of coupons they offer for everything from hosting, to plugins, and more! If you’re an experienced user, there’s still something to learn from nearly all of their posts.

The one thing that annoys me, though, is the fact that they have posts on how to set up HTTPS on WordPress, but don’t bother to do it on their own site. While I understand it’s harder for a website with a large existing user base to make the switch, it would be nice to at least have it available.


WinningWP is a WordPress blog I came upon more recently. Similar to WPBeginner, they have tons of high quality posts with images. I’d say they’re a more general-purpose resource than WPBeginner, containing a bit of everything. They have tutorials about Themes, Plugins, SEO, Hosting, Marketing, and a dozen others. They don’t seem to post that often, but when they do, you can be sure their tutorials are of amazing quality. They make use of images, and clear headings in their posts, making it easy to get what you came for without needing to resort to Ctl + F :)

Anyways, I also recommend that you subscribe to their newsletter to get new tips as soon as possible.

This site

While this site doesn’t really focus on one thing for longer than a few posts :) , I do occasionally write a post about WordPress. You can check them out by looking at the archives for WordPress. I also recommend you subscribe to this site’s newsletter, because why not?

Manual Pages

By far, the best documentation you will get about WordPress is on their codex. They have tutorials on everything you will ever need, such as setting up a multisite, and documentation on how to do nearly anything, such as make a plugin or theme. This is a very valuable resource to developers, but there are also some useful guides for people new to WordPress. I constantly use the resources available there whenever I do any WordPress development because they have clean tutorials with tons of headings, and links about related topics, sort of like WikiPedia.